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Contact details

Ethical Architecture
Tel.: +44 (0)20 7617 7342
Address: International House, 124 Cromwell Road, London SW7 4ET
(We do not wish to receive hard-copies of leafles or letters)

Potential clients

Please contact us via email or telephone.
Opening hours:
From Monday to Friday
From 8:30 to 6:00 (flexible lunch break)

Suppliers / Consultants / Manufacturers / Contractors

We do not wish to receive hard-copies of your products or services (e.g. leaflets, letters, catalogues or samples) because we believe that are a cause of important carbon footprints without any benefit. If you contravene this rule your name will be blacklisted. However, if you do consider your product or service remarkable and unique, you are invited to send us the information via email at the following address:
No telemarketers please. Also in this case your name is blacklisted.


You must be aware that we will never employ unpaid persons because we follow our professional ethic. We also wish to inform you that, at the moment, there are not further positions available. If you wish to send us your curriculum vitae you are welcome. Even if candidates are not blacklisted, we do always prefer to receive digital copies of your curricula and portfolios via email. Please use the following email address:
(attachments should not be bigger than 3MB)

Charity and Non-Profit organizations

We do donate to charity and non-profit organizations based in London only. We do apologise for this restriction. However, in our long term list of aims is included also an enlargement of our donations all over UK. Please use the following email address:
global partners: new york milan
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