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Residential projects

We follow private dwelling projects of different scales all located in London. We have listed the most recents.

Vestry Road -London loft conversion-


Type of intervention: new development
Client: Private
Project value: £150K

An extreme design is certainly part of this concept design. The land is located in Peckham and the layout has an area of 23 Sq m for the ground floor and a total of approximately 67 Sq m. I should be considered a family house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room and kitchen. Following the existing context, the ground floor has been moved in order to achieve three storeys on the left side of a two storeys house.

Vestry Road -London loft conversion-

Vestry Road

Type of intervention: loft conversion
Client: Private
Project value: £60K

The layout has the shape of an angle and for this reason loft conversion became a proposal less common that what it might seem.
We have proposed an important roof alteration with rear extension and front/side dormer. This option has an external gross area of 40 Sq M. Compared to the number two this option has an additional dormer that increase habitable area and comfort.

Queens Road -London extension-

Queens Road

Type of intervention: roof extension
Client: Private
Project value: £100K

This project concerns roof extension of a small building built in a common way with bricks and timber joists. Following client’s brief we have developed a concept design of vertical extension in which we have considered timber frame structure in order to reduce additional building load.
The proposed flat has two bedrooms, one bathroom, reception room and kitchen.

Waldeck road -London extension-

Waldeck Road

Type of intervention: loft conversion and extension
Client: Private
Project value: £135K

There was the opportunity to upgrade the house and improve the rear garden area providing a new layout with the major part made by glass and new bamboo decoration in order to give more green flavour to the property.
The site is in a mainly residential area and the high design quality enhance the surrounded properties providing a more accurate new extension that is fully integrated with the original building. Have been considered materials used and finishing in order to respects the existing traditional style.
The proposal was to demolish and rebuild the Kitchen (previously 11.7 sq m proposed 5.7 sq m) that has been integrated with adjacent Dining Room. In this proposal has been considered also an additional glass roof and new wall along existing extension.

Brechin Place -London interior design-

Brechin Place

Type of intervention: internal remodelling
Client: Private
Project value: 170K

The most important issue of this project is certainly the opening between living room and kitchen located at the 3rd floor. For this aim has been necessary to consider a replacement of the existing timber frame structure with an important metal beam sufficient to support the important foldable (or sliding) glass partition.
The loft refurbishment is included in this project but, in this case, there are minus changes of the layout in this proposal. However,also in this case, the structural engineer has considered installation of timber beam above the sliding pocket doors. In order to comply with our client and with Building Regulation, the existing carpet will be replaced with timber flooring and an additional acoustic insulation will be necessary.

Dorset Road -London retrofitting-

Dorset Road

Type of intervention: requalification and extension
Client: Private
Project value: 130K

There was the opportunity to upgrade the house and improve the rear area providing a new layout. The existing rising dump could cause structural flank walls problem of stability on both sides. The existing condition is even a health hazard to occupants. Important intervention was necessary in order to preserve the existing building. Some important topics concerning the proposed intervention and related Policies should be pointed out:
-To describes this proposal neither extension nor alteration should be used but regeneration (in small scale) is the most appropriate term.
-It has a new garden area that nowadays is impossible due to the fact that the existing construction covers the entire land.
-The height and the roof profile and silhouette of new proposal follows the neighbouring building.

Commercial Way -London refurbishment-

Commercial Way

Type of intervention: internal refurbishment
Client: Private
Project value: 35K

This was a Southwark Council flat purchased in poor conditions. Consequently, it has been upgraded in order to give new flavors and comfortable environment.
The mid 70's tower building in which this property is located has a generous layout that is easy to use and to be refurbished.
In fact, this apartment has a Gross Internal Area of 56 Sq m and one bedroom only. Panoramic views are remarkable and faced toward Canary Wharf.

Bird in Bush -London residential development-

Bird in Bush Road

Type of intervention: requalification and extension
Client: Private
Project value: 120K

This project relates to one of a pair of semi-detached Victorian cottages. The aim is to return the lower ground floor to habitable use, improving it and converting it into a self-contained one-bedroom flat, using the existing area, plus a one metre extension.
There would be external independent access from the flank wall that now is only used as the external passage to the garden. The flat would have private amenity space. The other two floors of the house comprise two existing one-bed flats at the upper-ground and first floor to be remodelled.
It is proposed that the new extension areas will be finished externally using brown London stock facing bricks to match the existing. Also for external containment the same type of bricks will be adopted.

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